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Do You Er... Struggle With Er... Public Speaking?


As a scientist, giving presentations are part and parcel of the job. Be it to peers, supervisors or at a conference, confident speakers communicate their data best. Although Universities try to prepare you for this experience, there’s a certain inevitability about stumbling when it comes to being up on stage.

From someone who has sat through their fair share of presentations, as well as given a few, it’s clear that everyone has their own nervous ticks. From excessive use of the word ‘
like’ or playing with their hands, nervousness is unfortunately obvious.

Well, now there’s an App for helping improve your presentation skills. Meet

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Finding the Write App


Through my time spent writing in an academic format, as a freelance writer and an amateur blogger, I’ve found that finding the right medium is the key to being productive. Gone are the days where Microsoft Word - a tool more primitive than pen and paper - is your only option when it comes to word processing. Both Mac and iOS App Stores are littered with excellent alternatives, because for me, Microsoft Word offers little in the way of useful features, and those it does offer are cluttered and hidden in a jungle of menus and options that are so niche to certain markets, that they forget the everyday writer.
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Productivity Apps


In a recent post Philip Lamb discussed the potential of linking science with app creation to create better, more informative science using new technologies and innovation. This very topic has been discussed in depth recently, at a seminar series put on by UEA’s E3i Club. But what about those apps and larger programs that are currently on your App Stores ready to use right now? How are these relative simple apps helping take science to the next level?

During this short post, I’ll highlight a few of the apps that I use on a day to day basis, and they help me organise and conduct my research, as well as a few that help me in my day to day life. I think it’s important to stress that these are in no way strictly scientific apps, there aren’t any included here that we specifically designed for data collection and analysis, like those discussed in Phil’s post. These apps are just tools that I find very useful, and in some cases, would be lost without.

So in no particular order…

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