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St Vincent blog: St Vincent Volcano Awareness Week 2018


3 PhD Students, one beautiful Caribbean island and 130 kilograms of volcano……

Sometime in the dark and dreary months of February/March this year, we three first year PhD students got some AMAZING news….. Our supervisor/co-supervisor was headed to the Caribbean for a week of volcano-related outreach and guess what?
She needed to take some extra people to carry her GIANT VOLCANO EXHIBIT!!!!
This presented a very difficult choice, go to the Caribbean…. or stay in Norwich. Ultimately, we were “
persuaded” to take up the offer of an all-expenses paid trip to the island of St Vincent – not just for the sun, sea and sand but because this was an excellent opportunity to hone our skills in organisation, science communication, community outreach and time management (of course!). Not to mention the chance to climb an active volcano – something we volcanologists literally can’t get enough of!