For All Things Environmental Science
October 2015

From University to the South Pole

Henry Evans is a 25 year old who is currently studying for a Masters degree in Climate Change Science at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. He shares his passions, his work and why skiing to the South Pole in Antarctica in a penguin costume was an incredible, but bone-chilling experience…

By Henry Evans


The Curious Adventure of a Lonely Robot

So there I was, with five others, standing on a small boat in the Gulf of Oman. The air temperature was an unbearable 47 degrees, and the boat was fiercely rocking side to side, enough to make even the hardiest of sailors question their choice of profession. All eyes were focused on the horizon, as though any distracting glance away from the sea could jeopardise all efforts. Until suddenly, out of the deep, a yellow metallic body was spotted glistening under the midday sun. This was exactly what we were searching for.

By Michael Hemming

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