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May 2015

EnvEXPO: Thoughts and Perspectives

2015 marked the inaugural year of the envEXPO. Constituting three events spread over three days, envEXPO aimed to bring together academics, businesses, policy makers and more in attempts generate impact through collaboration and sharing of knowledge. envEXPO was co-sponsored by the EnvEast Doctoral Training Partnership - a NERC funded DTP - as well as The Marine Knowledge Exchange Network, or MKEN - a NERC impact accelerated funded organisation.

By Seth Thomas


Bustards, Leks & Cyborg Dances

Just before Easter I returned from my first proper field session in my study area in Spain and Portugal. In previous short visits I mainly worked on creating and strengthening connections with local collaborators and obtaining long-term monitoring data from these collaborators. This time my trip was devoted to the field.

By Yoav Perlman


Hats Off to the Climate Conspiracy Theorists

Environment and sustainability are terms that occasionally pop up in the news, and rightly so, since a majority of scientists will agree that they’ll play key roles in determining the future of society and the planet as a whole. The fact that it’s being talked about at all is a success in itself, very rarely does a scientific issue –even in all its misrepresented glory – find a way into popular culture with such fervour. And, as a postgraduate student starting out in the field, the publicity is particularly good for me because it means I can use these buzzwords to delay the inevitable boredom that will ensue when I start talking about my research.

By Natasha Senior