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July 2015

The Seven Wonders of the Internet

I recently came across a couple of articles titled the seven wonders of the internet. One is now over a decade old before the rise of YouTube and Facebook so is an interesting snapshot, the other was an ecliptic collection from denizens of the web. I thought it would be fun to give an honest account of what I spend most of the time on, hopefully people may make some new discoveries reading this or even add to it!

By Kris Sales



Training appears to be relentless when doing a PhD. Of course, a large part of it is to be expected, but there’s definitely a void in the quality of some training in comparison to another. Over the past few weeks, I’ve experienced the two extremes of the Training Quality Spectrum (patent pending). At the lower end, was a fairly mundane talk about how to use my institutions internal purchasing system. In the upper echelon, a two week on-board oceanographic training cruise in Croatia.

By Seth Thomas