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April 2016

Dilemma ft. Climate Change


Last week (11-13th April), the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) met in Nairobi to consider the proposal made in Paris in December 2015 around producing a special report by 2018. The week before, UEA hosted the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research PhD Conference. These two events might appear completely unrelated. Sure, the chances of those at the IPCC meeting knowing (or caring) about a PhD conference are slim. But the reverse is not true.

Fish is the Dish


'1 of your 5 a DAY', 'Back British Farmers', 'Chicken Out!', 'Healthy school dinners'. As a nation, the UK excels when it comes to being besotted with national food campaigns, often aided by the endorsements of a celebrity chef or TV personality, and don't they work? Changes to food packaging, labelling, shelf position, content etc are lobbied for off the back of such campaigns, armed with the support of the converted general public. So much so that large scale manufacturers and suppliers quickly realise that conforming to these new, often healthier or more ethical, approaches can bring with it a swath of economic gains and a reputable moral image.Read More...

The First Steps of a Polar Researcher


Our latest post comes from future EnvEast Student, Charel Wohl. Chanel recently presented his PhD project at the national prize giving ceremony for young Scientists in Luxembourg. Chanel was an active young Scientist before joining the EnvEast cohort and is sone to commence work on a project about Alcohols in the Polar oceans at PML, under the supervision of Prof. Nightingale.